Lost in Toronto is a community that values the work of artists and writers, no matter their skill level or previous training. Our goal is to create a network of contributors who come from the multifaceted backgrounds that Toronto is so willing to supply for us. If you’re an activist, an actor, a teacher or a crossing guard, so long as you deliver a clear and stimulating read, you will very likely succeed in becoming published here.

Our vision is to create a canvas of voices that help to fill the (now) missing voids that other blogs and magazines seem to skip over. From you, we will require that your article cover either the cultural, political, social, personal or environmental spheres of the city. You are also encouraged to fill us in about any other fun tidbits that may have fallen between the cracks of the many goings-on about town. More or less, we leave the topics to your own discretion, so long as your article is traceable back to life within Toronto it will be considered for publication.

This is a place where locals can go to for an honest opinion or an insightful thought about their city. Because we value your contribution and the tenuous relationship that exists between a writer and their audience, we will compensate those successful in getting their article to the next step of publication. Should you be selected for publication, you will receive an email within two weeks of submission to notify you and to alert you about any editorial changes that have been made to your work. After you have granted us permission to publish your edited version, we will provide you with a compensation of $25 per article. For articles that involved significant amount of research the compensation could be higher.

Lost in Toronto is a community fueled by a city of talented writers who have a passion to write. By participating in this unique environment, writers can engage in a mutually beneficial relationship with Lost in Toronto as both sides work to foster the other’s career.

We look forward to hearing great things from you Toronto.


How do I submit an article?

Use the contact form found here to submit your article. You can either attach the document file or paste the article into the message field.

What topics can I write about?

You’re welcome to write an article about anything interesting, timely or exciting that is relevant to life in Toronto. Feel free to be creative and think out of the box. We’d love to see the city from someone else’s perspective. Toronto’s full of interesting people, what do they do on a daily basis? How is life in Toronto like for them? We also welcome articles about events going on in the city. Reviews, city news, lifestyle, fashion, culture, arts, best ofs are also all welcome. Opinion pieces are fun to read. If you think Torontonians will enjoy reading your article then please send it over!

Who’s name is the article published under?

The article will be published under your full name to give you exposure and recognition. We’d like to support Toronto students and recent graduates and offer them with a location where they can get published and have their voice heard. We also respect your time and effort and would like you to get full credit for your writings. If however you would like your article to be published anonymously please let us know and we’ll do so. will however own the copyright of the work and it cannot be published anywhere else.

Who owns the copyright to the published work? and its parent company own all copyrights to the published work and it may not be published anywhere else without consent from us. If your article is rejected (not published) then you keep ownership and copyright of the article and are free to use it anywhere else as you like.

How much am I paid per article and how am I paid?

We currently pay $25 per article that gets published. If your article required an exceptionally long time to research and had a featured/special feel to it we are open to discussing a higher pay. You will only get paid for articles that end up being published. If we reject your article you won’t get paid for it. You will be paid by cheque or email transfer. Payments for articles published on a certain month are sent out end of the following month. For instance, for articles you publish in January you’ll get paid on around February 25th.

How many articles can I write?

You can send us a maximum of two articles per week. If you however feel you can offer something more regular please contact us and we can discuss further.

How long should the articles be?

First and foremost, the articles should be appealing to readers. We judge this by how much attention the articles get on social media, how many comments they get etc. If you think your article will achieve that objective, it doesn’t matter how long or short it is. For a general reference though, four paragraphs should be the minimum.

I’m not a journalist or writer, can I submit an article?

If you think you have something interesting to write about and have a good writing style you are more than welcome to contribute.

Will all articles be published?

If you’re article’s relevant, interesting and well-written it will most likely get published. However, we reserve the right to reject any article we feel is not fit for